July 11, 2002
US Senate candidates turn to email marketing

US Senate elections are coming up, and the candidates are going online with renewed marketing strategies: away with fancy websites, roll on some cool, new technology: the idea described in the article below is fairly good; I just don't like the thought of anyone enlisting me for this type of mailing lists...
Candidates turn to e-mail strategy
"With so much junk e-mail being quickly deleted, Washington, D.C., consultant Joe Rothstein said, 'We decided that it had to be much more personal. Who will you open an e-mail message from? A friend, a family member, a co-worker.' Using Rothstein’s Vote Connection software, a volunteer for a campaign will sign into the campaign website and select an e-mail address that includes their name. [...] The theory is that the friends to whom [the campaign volunteer] sends his e-mail are more likely to read a message from him than generic political spam."

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