July 20, 2002
Review: Renault Laguna

Another "product test" from me this weekend. Avis gave me a brand new Renault Laguna Estate this weekend. Although I usually prefer smaller cars (typically AVIS class B like Renault Clio) when driving on the Cote d'Azur, I thought it would be cool to give it a try...

Impressions so far:

  • Key: this car uses a "key card" which doubles as a remote control for locking/unlocking the doors. It sure gives a nice feeling to slide the card in place and see all the electronics wake up: radio, aircondition (works even when engine is off), etc. Like Windows, it has a "Start" button (I'm not joking!) to get the engine started, and like Windows, I've managed to have several unexpected engine halts proceeded by reboots (hitting "Start" again :-) -- mostly due to the engine being slightly slower in the reaction than I'm used to, and me letting the clutch go a bit too early...
  • Engine: Diesel, but hey - it's got a 6 shift (manual) gearbox, and even cruising at 140 km/h at the highway, I was only able to reach 3000 rpm in the 5th shift...
  • Size: Massive. Could easily hold 4 grown ups for extended drives, including loads of luggage or golf-gear. I guess it's an ideal family car.
  • Overall: too big for me alone, but fabulous for a group of people or a family going for a holiday by car or just for everyday use...

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