July 24, 2002
Google paying less interest to weblogs?

I noticed that while my blog up to recently got many hits from searches on Google, it has now entirely disappeared from the search engine's database. Weird.

Maybe the guys at webmasterworld can figure it out: Webmasterworld: Google forum: Google paying less interest to "weblogs"?.

I've previously mentioned discussions about Google's Integrity, but if they are now starting to actively sanctioning weblogs, I suspect many fellow bloggers will be unhappy... Let's see what comes out of the posting to webmasterworld...

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Ooops... Blogpopuli was pinged by MT when I just wanted to update this old posting to be included in my "Search Engines" category. Sorry for that. Interested readers might want to check out this posting instead:

Posted by: andersja on October 1, 2002 07:22 PM
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