July 29, 2002
Yevgeny Podkletnov / Eugene Podkletnov

VG alerted me that BBC runs a story today in their science section about Boeing picking up the theories of Yevgeny (Eugene) Podkletnov.

Boeing is the latest in a series of high-profile institutions trying to replicate Dr Podkletnov's experiment.

The military wing of the UK hi-tech group BAe Systems is working on an anti-gravity programme, dubbed Project Greenglow.

The US space agency, NASA, is also attempting to reproduce Dr Podkletnov's findings, but a preliminary report indicates the effect does not exist.

Podkletnov became quite a bit of an outcast in the scientific community after he claimed to have reduced gravity with a measurable few percent. Worth noting: Noone has yet been able to reproduce his experiment...

More background information:

Update: Gravity Shielding Still Science Fiction, Boeing Says
(Thanks, Thomas).

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The Lytenjin Theory

By Johnny S. Jacobs

July, 4th, 2005

(Light Engine)

The secret of antigravity is simple:

1. Photons are equivalent to electrons.

2. Electrons generate magnetism.

3. Photons generate gravity.

4. Photons directed through a spiral, or wound “glass” cable will generate a gravitational field.

The recent work of Yevgeny Podkletnov supports this. He has essentially been spinning photons, and generating antigravity. One only need create a large wound glass conductor to direct photons through. Essentially replace the copper wire with glass wire, and send a large photon quantity through it, and you too will discover the effects of antigravity.

I have had this knowledge for over ten years, and feel it is now the time to release it.

Johnny Steve Jacobs


Posted by: johnny s jacobs on July 5, 2005 01:30 AM
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