July 30, 2002
Google News Search

No shit - this is pretty cool: Google News Search

What's different about Google's News Search is the unique grouping technology Google has developed to automatically put related stories together in the same search result. This makes it easy to quickly scan the headlines while providing the option of reading multiple accounts of a story from different news sources.

The headlines that appear on our homepage are selected entirely by a mathematical algorithm, based on how and where the stories appear elsewhere on the web. There are no human editors at Google selecting or grouping the headlines and no individual decides which stories get top placement.

In addition to obviously being capable of searching loads of news-sources more or less continuously, I wonder if they use similar techniques as Daypop Top News or Blogdex - checking who links to the different stories; creating a kind of "newsworthy-pagerank"? Could be cool.

Suggested new options:

  • Sub-pages for the different topics instead of all on front page
  • Possibility for (by configuration?) increasing number of stories for each category and increasing the number of links per story
  • Scan weblogs for links and attribute additional weight to commonly quoted stories

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