August 04, 2002
Goldmember (Not the movie ;-)

Goldmember (Not the movie ;-)
I must admit it straigt away: Although I fly KLM almost all the time - I really really prefer Star Alliance whenever possible... For many reasons: The last couple of months I've flown Scandinavian (SAS) for three weekends to Norway, last time this weekend. I've experienced amazing flexibility and a feeling of being treated as a good customer (for example, both on the way to and from this weekend I was able to reschedule my itinerary on the spot when I arrived early and able to catch an earlier domestic flight. Even having luggage wasn't a problem. I also got upgraded to business class both ways!)

With KLM, on the other hand, I have a long history of getting poor service. They obviously have too many RoyalWing members, while being Star Alliance Gold makes all the difference - for KLM you're one out of a too large number of """elite""" customers ( = no agents need to do you any favours since there will be ten more RoyalWingers in the queue behind you ) while for Scandinavian, you're a customer that deserves some respect and perks for being a frequent customer...

The list goes on: The catering in Scandinavian Business class beats KLM's C class in a heartbeat. The Scandinavian lounges at CPH and OSL also makes the RoyalWing and Business lounges at Schiphol look like a joke...

If only Scandinavian could throw a plane into action NCE-AMS(-CPH/OSL?) I know where my money would go... In the mean time, I know who's getting my vote in the 2003 Freddies...

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