August 07, 2002
Expiring domain names has a feature article on

I come to bury, not to praise it:

At the core, someone who registers a domain name probably has one of two ambitions -- to make money (buy this thing from me now!) or to make a point (listen to me now!). From there, all hell breaks loose. Sifting through this virtual detritus uncovers every human emotion -- infatuation and disillusion, rage and grief, greed and fear, intolerance and acceptance. There are foolhardy business ideas, unbalanced opinions, political jabs, angry rants, and lunatic suppositions. There is religious fervor and sports zealotry. There are purposeful misspellings and racial slurs. Read through thousands and both the commonality and the originality are striking. The human desire to explore and express is alive -- marvelously flawed though it may be at times.

... didn't you always want (think of the value for your grand grand grand grand grand children? ;-) ... and I wonder what the business model of was... More weird, currently expired domain names are available here.

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just wanted to say nice site!


Posted by: オンラインカジノ on July 30, 2004 05:13 AM
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