August 07, 2002
IQ vs Haircolor

Australian TV station NineMSN has held a show called the "National IQ Test" and the results are available here.

The funniest graph is probably the one for hair colour ... prejudices anyone? :-)

It should be noted that the test was conducted in uncontrolled environments. For proper testing, attend one arranged by for example Mensa.

(Source: Metafilter)

Update (2002-08-08): IQ tests on TV are dangerous, psychologists claim

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Uncontrolled environments is right - I am sure that many people would have cheated, also. The TV show made the point quite strongly that a true IQ test should be administered by a psychologist, which was echoed by the token Mensa representative on the show.

Posted by: dg on August 8, 2002 02:03 AM

Hmm...this doesn't look good...I'm blond. I wonder why grey and bold "won" it related to age?


Posted by: Odegard on August 8, 2002 07:20 AM

Sure I guess most of them with grey and Blonde played Bingo, you see IQ can be borrowed in chat rooms :)

Posted by: bingo on September 1, 2003 09:08 AM
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