August 09, 2002
Effects of Jet Contrails on the climate
Taking advantage of a unique research opportunity brought about by the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on America, when all commercial air traffic in the country stood still for three days, scientists have uncovered the first clear evidence of the effects of jet contrails on climate.

The condensation trails, those familiar long white streaks of water vapor often tailing aircraft cruising across the sky, have a small but significant influence on the range of daily temperatures on Earth, researchers report in the Aug. 8 issue of the British journal Nature.


More information about jet contrails:

(Source: Metafilter, How Stuff Works)

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Please have a look at (in English; no chemtrails!) and (in Dutch).

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Posted by: Robert C. VanWaning on January 27, 2004 03:21 PM
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