August 12, 2002
Ari Behn: Trist som faen (short stories)

"Trist som faen" (Eng.: "Sad as Hell") is a short collection of short short stories. Behn, having married the Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise, has been hyped as a "cool" author the last few years, so I thought I'd read his (only) book... To be honest, that was done in less than an hour, and the only feeling I was left with was: short short short and over-hyped...

There are a few stories that are pretty good ("Slutt", for example) but I think Behn needs more space (more words on more pages) to get larger points across; this is just too short....

More information about Ari Behn:

  • {1, 2} (articles about Ari Behn & Märtha Louise)
  • (collection of articles in Norwegian)

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I completely agree with your assessment of Ari Behn. See the above page for my take.

Posted by: Simon on August 16, 2002 12:59 AM

Great article, Simon!

Posted by: Anders on August 16, 2002 10:41 AM

A princess blinded by love, a goldigger who got what he wanted. An!

Posted by: Norman on July 5, 2003 10:22 PM

I'm a Canadian living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. My maternal granparents "Likness" came over from Norway,c. 1950 hence my interest in finding some good Norwegian authorship ~ contemporary.

After reading your article, I question the wisdom in searching this 'tres short' stories book. Should any of you care to recommend some fine writing of your homeland, I would appreciate it.

By the way... the title... possibly improved by replacing just one consonant, "Bad As Hell"

Posted by: cindy on September 3, 2003 05:56 AM

Help! Don't ask why, but I really want to get a hold of Ari Behn's book and read it (even after the poor reviews):) I have limited searching knowledge of the web, and haven't been able to discover if the book is available in english...can anyone help me out? if it is translated, where can i purchase it? I really appreciate it- thanks.

Posted by: Elisabete on May 5, 2004 06:24 PM
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