August 19, 2002
The quest for the ideal news aggregator (part 3) - Review: NewsIsFree...

Ok, I'm on a roll here, playing around with a couple of web-based news-aggreagators... now reviewing: News Is Free -

Nice site - a very large collection of content, special bonus: feeds from non-RSS-sites (like CNN, BBC, Business 2.0 and more). These feeds are also available from newsisfree to other news aggregators!! How cool is that? Amazing (if you ask me) ...

If you register, you can also customize the feeds (e.g. adding excerpts where available and more).

Good stuff:

  • "Headlines by Category" lets you see headlines in chronological order, regardless of origin (these aggregate feeds can also be syndicated!)
  • fast site - loads fast; responds fast to user interaction
  • easy to add new sources to your own "tabs" (similar to fyuze). Slightly less configurable with respect to positioning/size etc, but it works more than well enough
Room for improvement:
  • I liked the idea of skins from, but then again I like "pure" interfaces...
  • hmm... for a web-based site this is pretty good already -- scraping news off major sites is an absolute plus -- making it available as RSS feeds is brilliant! :-)

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