August 20, 2002
Review: Resident Evil Survivor 2 (Code: Veronica)

I bought this game a few weeks ago while waiting for the arrival of Time Crisis 2 (helloooo amazon? I'm still waiting after 2 months!!) Anyway:

Don't do the same mistake as me (by buying it). It's crap. Crap, crap, crap, bad and not good. (I just had to say that... -- that's how bad it is!)

I bought it because I was looking for a shooting game. I bought the Walther PPK from Thrustmaster in the same go.

When I finally had it all up and running (PS2, gun and game) I excitedly calibrated the gun and started the game. The next minutes were so disappointing that it's almost scary that this game ever left the doors of Capcom... I mean - I played Die Hard Trilogy on the PSOne in 1998(?) and it was 10 times better!

The "feeling" of the game is just slow, turning around and moving is cumbersome, the graphics engines is sub-ideal, as best illustrated by for example opening and going through doors (the entire game stops for a couple of seconds while loading the next scene (if you ever play the game you'll know what I mean). This cannot possibly be state-of-the art exploitation of the PS2's possibilities??

If you still, for whatever reason, still feel like buying it, you can stop by (if they care to deliver it to you...)

If someone has the PSOne version of Die Hard Trilogy and want to trade or sell it, please get in touch - I've looked high and low for it and it was a cool game!

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hey i have been looking for that game. how much would you sell it fot in u.s. dallors?
i love the re games.

Posted by: tammy on October 1, 2002 04:41 AM

I have every RESIDENT EVIL game made, but this on and i was wanting to know how much u want 4 it

Posted by: Ian on May 8, 2003 01:06 AM
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