August 22, 2002
Can Web Services Make CRM Lovable? Can Web Services Make CRM Lovable? (also at yahoo)

Web services -- basically, software that is used by other software via Internet protocols and formats to link and integrate applications -- is going to remake CRM integration as it is currently known and hated.
So true. On our current project we are using BEA Weblogic to provide Webservices to a Siebel application, and it works like a charm (although some "hacking" is required since Siebel by default expects a "SiebelMessage" instead of a SOAP message).

The article suggests proviging services from the CRM application itself towards a portal/frontend, which indeed may make a lot of sense in some cases. For a variety of reasons, we stick to the Siebel web-frontend, though.

More info on Siebel integration here (our project does not use infogain products nor have I tested them; I just link to thiw whitepaper, as it provides some introductory background information on Siebel integration).

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Interesting comments...

I am about to start a project that'd attempt
to extract data out of sibel via a webServices
interface. Do you have any suggestion on any reading
material ?

BTW; the link to 'infogain' is dead !

Thanks - Sanjay

Posted by: Sanjay Das on February 8, 2003 03:44 AM

Our company recently completed a POC with Siebel and found outbound web services invocations from Siebel to an Axis-based server be very quirky and unreliable to say the least. No problem invoking Siebel web services, however.

Posted by: Douglas Mutart on May 1, 2003 04:17 PM

I have increasingly seen this trend as well. Although customers often loath there current CRM software, they are much more receptive to using a web based system. I don't know why this is, but it could have much to do with the ability to access the information from anywhere, on any platform.

Joshua Montgomery

Posted by: Joshua Montgomery on October 12, 2004 09:52 PM
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