August 25, 2002
Vice Funds - investing in immoral stuff
Have you looked at your retirement plan or brokerage account statements the last couple years, and said, "I need a drink"? Apparently a lot of people have. Take a look at the 1, 3, and 5-year charts on this page. The stock market has been lousy, but alcohol stocks seem to have performed well.
The Vice Fund invests in alcohol, tobacco, war-related industires and gambling -- all profitable industires while the once profitable IT stocks are plummeting...

Call me an immoral capitalist if you wish, but if a similar fund was set up for Europeans, I'd consider investing... It could be a scam, but the domain name is owned by, which seems to be a serious enought actor in the US market...

Comments? Is this way off the moral scale, or just good ol'fashioned capitalism providing a product to cover a need in the market?

(Source: Memepool)

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