August 29, 2002
Where DO they get the quotes from?

In the Morning News article This Is The [Best] Article Of The Summer!, Matthew Baldwin examines something I've always been curious about -- when you see quotes from movie reviews on movie marketing posters: are they accurately quoted?

Although heartened by the results of my experiment, I was disturbed that a fourth of the quotations came from articles about the movie rather than criticism of the movie. These puff-piece articles are often written well before the film is released, and sometimes appear in publications affiliated with the motion-picture studio. In these cases, the movie ad blurbs rarely mention the name of the 'reviewer,' instead attributing the quotation to the periodical or newspaper that carried the article. Given that these 'articles' are often thinly disguised advertisements to begin with, it seems doubly deceptive to repackage them in the guise of objective reviews
The overall result was surprising though - in a positive way :-)

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