September 03, 2002
Lessons learnt: K-Logging

Phil over at a klog apart has summarized a good bit of "lessons learnt" when implementing company-internal weblogs:

Why don't people write? Fear.[...]

Ask the blogger population their average and highest grades in English. Then ask the general working population.
Ask bloggers how many books they read last year. Compare to the rest of the public.
Ask bloggers how many words in the longest text they wrote in school, at work, or for fun. Then ask the general public.

You get my point.

We do. Lots of other good KLog stuff here as well, so I blog the article for future reference :-)

Update: High Context replies with more KLog experiences here:

Interestingly, our team moved from a single, multi-author, team blog to individual blogs within a couple weeks. Some felt what they wanted to write about was too off topic for a team blog (although perfectly on topic for their job within the organization) and others thought the volume of posts was such that readers could miss important messages within the overall news.

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