September 03, 2002
Security: Top 10 tips to spoil a wireless hacker's day

While I'm all for free-for-all wireless networking, systems adiministrators for companies deploying a Wireless LAN should take care not to expose confidential information to bypassing warchalkers: via Meerkat, I picked up this article from Top 10 tips to spoil a wireless hacker's day:

  1. Put the access point in the right place: Start with the basics - within your network configuration, ensure wireless access points are outside the perimeter firewall. This will give you an extra layer of defence to your network, based on the premise that all wireless users are untrusted.
Related: Networkcomputing: New Worries About WLAN Security:
At a recent Defcon convention in Las Vegas, engineers from AirDefense (, a purveyor of intrusion-detection systems (IDSs) for WLANs, detected 807 attacks over the course of two hours. More than half the attacks were probes from tools like Netstumbler, which are used by hackers and administrators to detect vulnerabilities in WLAN environments. Another quarter of the attacks were identity thefts, including MAC (Media Access Control) address spoofing. But about 125 attacks represented more sophisticated threats unique to WLANs. These included RF jamming at the physical layer, attacks on specific stations that continually disconnected them from access points, rerouting of traffic through hostile stations, and a new set of attacks that use wireless management frames to launch attacks.

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