September 05, 2002
Siebel in the news today; 3 times... This Time Tom Siebel Guessed Wrong

He never seemed to miss a call on the way up. And he never thought a downturn could last this long. [...]

[W]hen asked for detail on potential sales leads, Siebel lets loose a whopper that would have been unthinkable even a year ago, when he was still ridiculing other CEOs for not having "visibility" into their businesses, presumably because they didn't use Siebel software. "We don't really have a thorough analysis of the pipeline here with us today," he replies.

Tom Siebel saying he hasn't brought along an analysis of how sales are shaping up? That's a little like Yo-Yo Ma neglecting to pack his cello for an appearance with the philharmonic.

... and that's just the beginning.

The Register just reported that Siebel 7 performance issues revealed by user

Rumors of performance issues with the Siebel 7.0 client, which have been circulating for several months, were yesterday confirmed by one of Siebel Systems Incs' biggest customers.

During a presentation outlining Reuters Ltd's migration from version 6.3 of the Siebel software to Siebel 7, at the company's UK user group conference, Reuters' ecommerce director Dave Weller revealed that, in general, response times at the desktop using Siebel 7.0 were slower than they were under Reuters' previous implementation, version 6.3.

But all is not grey, last on the list from the CRM News Channel this morning was Line56 reporting that Siebel Upgrade Packed with Process

Version 7.5 also offers better integration with other applications[...]

Siebel Systems today started shipping a new version of its CRM application that offers hundreds of embedded business practices and new functionality for multichannel management of sales, marketing, service, partners, and employees.

I shall look forward to diving into the integration-part...

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So, do you work with Siebel software? It's not something I've ever had the pleasure of doing. I've messed with a little SAP in the past and started off installing large insurance software packages. I'd be interested to hear of your experiences/thoughts on the current state of enterprise packaged software.

Posted by: Alex Moffat on September 6, 2002 04:42 AM

Hi Alex, I don't work for Siebel, but we've been using Siebel on our current engagement; that's why I like to stay on top of the CRM & Siebel headlines :-)

Posted by: andersja on September 6, 2002 11:59 AM
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