September 24, 2002
Linkfest: Ad-Hoc Wireless P2P networking

There is something in the air about ad hoc wireless p2p networks. (Excuse the pun)

I like it. I want a wireless device roaming across networks; creating ad hoc networks with users geographically near me and self-routing to the net-wise nearest (or fastest) internet gateway. I would like to see a system that will prompt me to dial in where necessary (where there are no free nodes) and use free resources where available.

I hope the US and other delinquent countries can get their act together and start harmonizing RF spectra (take GSM roaming as an example: all the rest of the world manages to harmonize on GSM 900 and 1800 except USA, Canada and a couple of Soth American countries going for GSM 1900)...

The net itself, however, is just plumbing; the applications that will follow are even more interesting...

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