September 30, 2002
Review: Neal Stephenson: Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash is an interesting science fiction story about a swordfighting hacker working as a freelance information gatherer in a over-commercialized, dystopian future society ruled by commercial and criminal franchise operations (like "Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong" and "The Mafia" (marketed with friendly Uncle Enzo as the saviour of modern society)).

Although sometimes slightly over the tech-overdose level (I'm a techie myself, but metaphors a la "operating systems of society" sometimes go too far) it presents an intriguing plot mixing religious, commercial and Goverment conspiracies.

If you have no interests in computers what so ever, stay away - this book was unfortunately not written for you. If you are interested in an alternative outlook on what a "3D Internet" may look like in an alternative future, check it out...

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About time you got around to that one.. Have you read Neuromancer yet? Another good cyberpunk book.

Hiro Protagonist is a true role model. I'd love to be a ninja courier.

Posted by: lowmagnet on September 30, 2002 06:48 PM

I think that "Snow Crash" could appeal to a wider range of people than computer users and tech lingo lovers. Stephenson has a way with words. I'm really enjoying the audio book. All the conspiracies and timing of character meetings does feel a little contrived, though. It's worth it just for the language.

Posted by: Abby on May 13, 2004 02:23 AM
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