October 03, 2002
Leaving Holland...

As I mentioned earlier, I'm leaving my current project in Holland. I've just booked a one-way business class flight AMS-NCE for tomorrow, and I intend to max my luggage allowance (30 kg C-class allowance, plus 20 kg RoyalWing allowance) plus possibly more to get all my stuff across... It worked out cheaper than getting an economy return ticket (for which the return might not be used anyway) and paying 10 kg more overweight... *crossing fingers all will go smoothly tomorrow*

I have no idea where or when my next project will be. It may be Monday, and it might very well not be... For now, I'll just have to wait and see.

Now I'm off home to my appartment to finish the packing. Wish me luck :-)

(I'll type up my experiences with Holland and the Dutch some other time ;-)

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