October 25, 2002
Hello London

After leaving the Netherlands 3 weeks ago; time has come for me to start a new project; location: London. I'm heading there Sunday afternoon and will be online and kicking as of Monday.

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Many, many years ago I applied to the London Office of the company I believe you work for, when they were called what they used to be called before they changed their name to what they are called now. They didn't like the look of me one bit, so I joined the Royal Air Force (who did) and flew noisy aeroplanes about instead to my great satisfaction. Enjoy London, but for reasons probably connected to this first major rejection in my life, I've never really liked the place. Try to avoid the tube, the busses, driving, cycling, taxis and Heathrow airport (and combinations thereof). Do NOT drink the water, it contains too much oestrogen to be considered truly refreshing.

Posted by: Rich on October 26, 2002 10:12 PM

Thanks for the note, Rich :-) I'm sorry you had a
bad experience with my employer (if we do think about the same one) in the past...

Thanks for the tips on life in London - I intend to try to live as close as possible to where I work; avoiding most if not all combinations of your warnings ;-)

Happy blogging!


Posted by: andersja on October 28, 2002 01:32 PM
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