November 08, 2002
GSM woes 2: SMS network incompatiblities

Vodafone FAQ: Can I text message a phone on another network?

You can send text messages to anybody with a digital mobile phone that is text message enabled.
No. Simply not true. (or rather: you can SEND messages to anyone you want, but don't expect them to get DELIVERED to networks {x,y,z...})...

I've nagged previously about GSM roaming woes. Another GSM woe is incompatible SMS networks. I just hate to discover that the text messages I have sent from my new Vodafone mobile to friends in Norway and France haven't been delivered. <paranoia mode on> -- time to turn on delivery receipts for each and ever message *sigh*... I chose my mobile in France for this particular reason. Other competing French networks have shit cooperation-deals internationally, get through pretty much all the time (exceptions have occurred e.g. sending message from my french phone while in Netherlands to Norwegian friends in France, but some exceptions can be tolerated). A 3 out of 3 international failure rate so far is not good. Bad Vodafone. Bad bad bad.

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I have always been able to sign onto AOL Instant Messenger from my phone, but, for some reason, i havnt recently. The phone tells me, when i attempt to sign on, that the "SMS Network is currently busy". Is this a problem with my phone or the way i sign in? Or, is this a problem with a greater server?

Posted by: jay on February 24, 2004 10:23 PM
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