November 11, 2002
Wardriving reaches Norway

Nothing really interesting, really, just amusing to see how world wide trends reach my homeland:

Major newspaper got "IT Security Expert" (*) Martin Skatvedt Langsjøen to demonstrate how he could access an unsecured Wireless LAN from a parking lot. Wooow. First page material? (I kid you not - they have it on their first page today) Hardly.

(also metioned here)

New York has thousands of nodes, Oslo has just 40 - isn't it a statement that we need to catch up technologically? There are tweaks available to secure wireless networks.

(*) Note on credibility. A Google search for the "expert" used yields no - zero - pages. No "business card" frontpage nor mention on any webpage, anywhere in the world. Weird?

Other Norwegian IT news today: sues (who claims to sell sunglasses and interactive mobile services (and who has loads of other domain names for sale... dodgyyyy))

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