November 21, 2002
Disenchanted on third world charity

As usual, Disenchanted hits the spot with their shocking article "Play money" about abuse of well-meant charity money from the west. A bit harsh in its conclusion, but a valid set of points that should be raised in discussion(s) about how the West best can help nations in need:

While these are the poorest nations on Earth, with economies shrinking by the month, famine and disease halving life expectancies, the "elected" leaders (most of these countries call themselves democracies and hold what they call elections) are enjoying lifestyles that are rarely matched even by some Saudi princes. Considering that none of their countries approach self-sufficiency, excesses such as weekend jaunts to the spa, hour-long lunches, trophy secretaries and presidential jets can be afforded only with the charity of rich countries like those in the west.

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PLAY MONEY is right. This helped Prime(Play) Minister(boy) Zenawi of Ethiopia came to power. In the famous famine of '84 the CIA armed him so he could seize food aid shipments handled by the communist government and be the hero to feed the victims. Give me some money; I have the contacts to get it to the current warlords Bush & Zenawi are genociding with famine.

P.S. The reason this problem will not be corrected is because the foreign aid money is NOT being misued! The donors are really just buying support of a stooge. Whether people are fed or jets are bought is beside the point. Bush backs the biggest bully on the block in East Africa. Last week he had Zenawi to the white house. Bush thinks he's getting regional stability for military activites against Iraq. But I wonder who is screwing whom?

Posted by: Billy on December 10, 2002 09:21 PM
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