November 27, 2002
Customer profiling

Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on customer profiling in their article: My TiVo thinks I'm Gay. (Metafilter and Plastic has some hilarious comments on the subject as usual...)

However, it's not just to laugh of - customer profiling is a trend coming more and more. Pioneered by companies like Amazon, offering statistical advice like "customers who bought this product also bought...", personalization is getting more and more detailed (although not always accurate).

Online advertising companies like Doubleclick collect information about you from thousands of websites using cookies, slowly learning about who you are through your interests (visit only IT websites? Expect to be classified as a "geek" and receive ads targeted to your group).

Sacramento Bee reports that soon we'll be seeing rodside posters changing content based on which radio-stations passing cars' drivers are listening. (Now how do they do that, I wonder?? ... but that's a different issue...)

Big Brother's around; more and more...

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yeah, but what's gonna happen when there's back-to-back traffic? I'd like to see a billboard react to that!

..maybe we should get dr. ruth westheimer back on the radio!!!

Posted by: tira on November 28, 2002 06:05 AM
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