December 03, 2002
HTTP Status Code Tables

Earlier today I was banging my head against a HTTP 504 error, and then a 503, trying to configure a nice little XML based business-to-business setup... To clear my head I thought I'd look up the difference, as I couldn't remember on top of my head which was which.

The Internet, as usual via my friend Google, came to my rescue:'s HTTP Status Codes table is nicely set up and informative, and the wildwire HTTP Status Messages overview covers even the more exotic 416 and 417 messages... FYI for the not-so-technical reader:

HTTP status codes are returned by web servers to indicate the status of a request. The status code is a 3-digit code indicating the particular response. The first digit of this code identifies the class of the status code. The remaining 2 digits correspond to the specific condition within the response class.

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Thanks for posting those links. I was just thinking about Googling for something alone these lines. Thanks again.

Posted by: Marie on December 6, 2002 02:53 AM

Does anyone know how to set the HTTP status code manually in an ASP/web page?
Basically, what I want to do is the following: I have a VB application that pings URLs and checks the status code of the ping. I want to build an ASP page that returns a certain HTTP status code (e.g., HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR, 500) based on certain condition when the VB application pings it.
Your help is greatly appreciated.


Posted by: Bassem on March 11, 2003 11:30 PM
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