December 26, 2002
Reviews: "e" and "The 'e' before Christmas" by Matt Beaumont

Hilariously written, "e" and "The 'e' before Christmas" are two books consisting entirely of funny, rude, sexually explicit and business-mumbo-jumbo-ish emails from the employees of a fictious advertising company.

The books' novel idea capture the not-so-formal language frequently used in electronic communications, and portray the friction between "classic" office types (the seducer, the drinking clowns, the religious fanatic, the useless manager(s), the frustrated HR reps and more...)

"e" is definitely a must-read, while "The e before Christmas" is a thin follow-up only to be read if you really liked and got to know the persons in the first book. (Very seasonal as well... :-)

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Couldn't agree more, I loved "E" and I'm suprised to learn that there was a follow... will definitly have to check that out.

Posted by: Mike on June 3, 2003 06:10 PM
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