January 03, 2003
I'm on vacations!

Just in case anyone's wondering why there are not updates, why I'm not responding to emails etc:

  1. My laptop stopped talking to me after extensive flying over Christmas. Shaking the battery seemed to help...
  2. I'm having the longest time off I've had in ages = I've not touched my email, and typing this now is just an exception to prove the rule ;-)
  3. I'm off again for another week or so :-)
3 weeks off, 7 airports, umpteen flight legs:
LHR-NCE, NCE-FRA-OSL-SVG, SVG-OSL-FRA-NCE, ** I'm here now ;-) **, MRS-TFS, TFS-MRS, NCE-LHR... :-)

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enjoy your holidays (a.k.a vacations)

Posted by: ec on January 11, 2003 11:59 AM
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