January 22, 2003
Annoying: Defective SecureDigital card...

Just after ordering my new Palm Tungsten, I headed off to eXpansys to buy some very reasonably priced supplies, including a Tungsten hardcase and a 128MB Secure Digital. When the package was delivered today, I was very disappointed. The card didn't work (stuck in read-only mode, and the switch to make it writeable was gone) and they won't send a replacement until they have processed my return (which may take up to 10 days according to the customer service rep I spoke with on the phone). Duh. :-(

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I hate when that sort of things happen, and it's pretty frequent, for me at least.
But a new palm tungsten does sound very very nice, hope you get the card soon.

Posted by: The Frozen Guy on January 22, 2003 05:30 PM
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