February 01, 2003
Palm software must-haves

2 weeks with my Palm Tungsten, and it's amazing how many colleagues I've met that either have an iPAQ / Pocket PC they disappointedly don't use anymore and the number of people almost buying a Tungsten after a quick demo... I should have set up a deal with commissions for my enthusiasm...

I've assembled a reasonable list of must-have software based on several sources and my own playing about:

  • Calendar Application: DateBk5 - an absolute must-have improvement over the default calendar application on the Palm. I had DateBk3 on my old Palm, and DateBk5 is similar, just improved in many ways: It uses the same database as the regular calendar, and therfore it replicates as usual into Outlook, Palm Desktop or whatever calendar application you prefer. The vast improvement is in flexibility of setting up displays: it has icons, it lets you set up views with appointments and todos in the same view etc etc... A Must have.
  • Addressbook: I'm running two addressbook enhancements; on the first tap of the address button I start the ContactsPro application, which provides a very fast interface for looking up contacts; using your stylus or your finger; just tap the first letters of either first-, last- or company name and a shortlist of contacts matching your query is instantly there. Very very convenient when looking for people during a meeting; in a cab or whenever.
    On the second tap of the addressbook button I start TealPhone, which is similar to the built-in addressbook application, only more configurable for layout; and it feels "cleaner" (e.g. no phone numbers in the right column but on top instead -- see screenshots on the vendor's website to see what I mean)
  • Travel: WorldMate gives timezone-, currency- and weather information (among other things) -- all nice and updated from the net. I like. Also, Metro is very comprehensive about underground schedules for all major world cities with an underground system.
  • Offline web browsing: AvantGo is an old time classic for browsing offline, replicated webpages on the Palm. The AvantGo-version for Palm OS 5 (used by the new Tungstens) is still in beta, but it's definitely a nice tool. Annoying feature: before (in older versions) you'd have a menu with different channels and it was easy to access/modify channel definitions on your PC; now you have to access content through an ad-laden AvantGo-portal page, and if you want to replicate more than 2Mb of content, you have to pay a subscription fee. Not cool.
  • Games! I haven't played much yet, but Bejewelled is definitely a very very addictive game. I just installed it the other night, but it certainly kept my spirit up through 4 hours of airport waiting Friday night (London Heathrow airport is, apparently, not used to snow....)
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Good link, I wish I could have list of your freeware or shareware for corporate (but free for personnel use) in your website. Eventhough I can find it in other site, but seem on this site you've tried it first and you maintained keep it in short list of useful software only.

Thanks, muiz

Posted by: mmuiz on April 3, 2003 05:59 AM

You must be using a different Tungsten than everyone else:


Posted by: Rod Trent on July 1, 2003 09:46 PM

You have missed the best thing for the palm -

Space Trader!!!!!!! Elite for the Palm.

The Palm Killer App/Game

Posted by: MrLithic on August 12, 2003 08:19 AM

I've looked everywhere for a Palm OS utility that would enable the Treo to initiate a phone-call from any 7-digit or 10-digit number in Palm, even in Notes or Memos (ie. not just in the phone record of Contacts).

Do you have any advice?

Posted by: Chris Tucher on April 13, 2005 02:37 AM
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