February 03, 2003
Creating an RSS-powered "dashboard"

Having been a user of Aggie for quite some time, recent office situations has put me behind a closely guarded firewall and a proxy which I suspect wouldn't be too content with having my laptop fetch loads of XML files every now and then. I have also found myself having a lot less times to read other people's writing lately.

To try to rectify the situation I'm experimenting with creating a one-webpage-solves-all for my regular information fix. Stig put me on the trail of Rippy the Aggregator with his comment to this post. Rippy is a nifty PHP based RSS aggregator that produces a customizeable, chronological display of recent articles in the channels you ask it to monitor. Cool. I'm also considering an alternative way of displaying my channels; something like John's "information junkie"-page over here. Just playing for now. I'm always open for alternatives (like Les Orchard's RssDisplay or vsbabu's PyBlagg). Ah well - workweek is about to start, so more playing will have lower priority for a while... Bear with me :-)

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