February 12, 2003
PhoneSync - HotSync your Nokia phonebook!

I just purchased PhoneSync and installed it on my laptop. It's a software extension of the Palm Desktop, and it uploads all the contacts from the addressbook to the phone list of this month's new toy, my brand new 6310i.

A few glitches and lessons learned:

  • PhoneSync doesn't keep very good track of deleted items on the phone unless you delete the item in your Palm Desktop tool at the same time (the other way has the same problem: if you delete a contact in Palm Desktop it seems you need to delete it in the phone as well; otherwise it will replicate back)
  • Lessons learned: Run the tool once to replicate all phone book entries into Palm Desktop; then sort everything like you want it to be on the Palm Desktop; delete all entries on the phone and replicate again...
We like gizmos talking to eachother... Bonus perk: the Desktop software is freely available for download from Palm.com, and PhoneSync is just $20, so any Nokia user can use it - no Palm required!

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I use Outlook to manage contacts (only for that and for calendar, never for email!). With Nokia's "PC Suite" Software I sync between Outlook and my 6310 and with Palm's HotSync between Outlook and the PDA. Works very well.

Posted by: Martin Roell on February 23, 2003 11:25 PM
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