February 19, 2003
Handing out weblog addresses on business cards

I don't know which of the two signifies that weblogs are hitting the mainstream most: Google buying Pyra Labs or Forbes.com writing an article about it. (via megnut via blogpopuli)

The article is the usual Google / Pyra quotes from the last days, a couple of interesting references to researches blogging, but concludes:

Pyra's Blogger.com suffered a security breach in October, [...] working again within a few days.

But that it was attacked at all suggest that the blogging as a cultural phenomenon is about to enter a new phase in its growth. Those who last year had never heard of it will start handing out personal blog Web addresses alongside with their e-mail addresses. And that means that along with nearly everything else about the Internet, the mild cachet that came with being among the first to publish a blog will quickly evaporate with the mass stampede that follows.

At least that's what Google is hoping.

Are they? Will it?

I'm not completely convinced that "everybody" will have a weblog. I do believe a lot more people than now will have a blog, and I do hope and believe that weblogs will be used more actively in knowledge capture internally in companies (in the shape of individual or team "KLogs") but ... have you ever pur your weblog address in a business email signature or along with your email address on your business card? Me not. Will I in the future? Depends...

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Wasn't this kind of the same thing "they" said about homepages too? EVERYONE could have one...why not? And everyone did too, at some time...now only a few of my friends keep a homepage. I'm afraid this will be the case with blogging too. A lot of people will eventually have their own blog too but most of them will die out after 5 postings the first day, 5 postings the next week, and then it is over. justmy2cents ;)

Posted by: Agnar Ødegård on February 20, 2003 05:51 PM
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