February 24, 2003
"Symphonie portuaire"

Visiting Montreal in the weekend led to a first time in my life-experience, attending what the French call a "Symphonie portuaire": An attempt to translate it to English would be "Harbour symphony" or something. Basically take a load of large boats in the harbour, coordinate their massively loud horns into something like music (I'm being liberal with the definition of "music" here - a sequence of sounds of different frequencies and with varying durations and volume ;-) and it actually turns into an interesting, if not always melodious musical experience.

While the harbour was gradually getting covered by fresh snow, the boats were honking happily away to the great amusement of hundreds of spectators. Definitely a successful performance!

It looks like it's a recurring phenomenon in Montreal, but I had never heard about it before this weekend (and I can't figure out what to search Google for to find non-French equivalents :-)

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