February 25, 2003
Overture buys AllTheWeb

According to digi.no, FAST is selling it's very powerful search engine AllTheWeb.com to American Overture. Seeing how Overture recently also bought AltaVista (IMHO inferor to AllTheWeb) and are most famous for selling paid placements in search engine results, I wonder what this will bring. Maybe they are getting ready for Google's IPO? I'll stick with Google for my searching online -- more so now that Overture may start interfering with the ATW & AltaVista search results...

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jdb cyberspace: Googles only real competitor bought by Overture (February 27, 2003 02:30 PM)
"In the news today (Google news): The purchase of AllTheWeb.com and its technology from Fast Search and Transfer to Overture Services Inc for 100 million..."

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