February 26, 2003
Checking GSM Call forwarding status

Most modern GSM cellphones allow you to set and check the status of various call forwarding options via the GUI. A colleague has a Samsung phone which doesn't allow this, and I remembered it was possible to do all these settings via * and # codes. Some Googling resulted in the following quick codes; blogged for future reference (my blog is more and more my backup brain :-)

*#21# to check number for "All Calls Divert"
*#67# to check number for "On Busy Divert"
*#61# to check number for "On No Reply Divert"
*#62# to check number for "Divert if unreachable" (off or out of range)

*#43# to check call waiting status.

To set divert:
** 21*number#
** 67 On Busy Divert
** 61 On No Reply Divert
... etc...

More info at uk.telecom FAQ.

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