February 26, 2003
Pop me, baby!

For apparently no particular reason, I am number 31 on Popdex with a "PopScore" of 23.9 right now. Hey cool. [Coincidentally, Jeremy had a similar experience today.]

Why not add me to your blogroll today if you're a regular or sometimes-on-off-quasi-regular reader (because then I'll see you in my Technorati link cosmos, and I'll visit you back! :-)

Oh; and use HTML links instead of blogrolling.com, preferably... Technorati only counts "real" links. (If you do use blogrolling, add my blog by clicking here).

While you're at it; why not check out blo.gs and add me to your blo.gs favorites? I do check my related blogs from time to time, and by selecting blogs you read in blo.gs, you help building relevant "relevant links" sections :-) Furthermore, if your server supports PHP, you can use the blo.gs blogroll to do funky stuff (again much cooler than blogrolling.com :-)

Thank you for the attention. Do stop by again!

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Okay, I'll bite.

What makes blo.gs cooler than blogrolling IYHO?

I currently use blogrolling, and ever since they came up with the php version, I've been a happy camper. And indeed, I already DO link to your blog via blogrolling.

Feel free to give me a good reason (or even reasons!) why I should switch over to blo.gs or use their service in conjunction with blogrolling :)

Posted by: Adam on February 27, 2003 01:06 PM


in my vast ignorance I was unaware of the PHP features of blogrolling (and shall apologize for misleading anyone there). What I dislike with blogrolling's javascript features, however, is more obvious: neither Technorati nor other robots (like Google) "see" the javascript-based blogrolls, effectively making it harder for blog owners to discover new links; reduces "Googlejuice" values and so on. For those who use the php version of blogrolling, this is not the case.

Moreover, I especially enjoy blo.gs' "recently pinged" lists on the front page and "relevant links"-sections, something I haven't seen at blogrolling.

Posted by: andersja on February 27, 2003 03:32 PM

Give your calendar a purpose. Locate the script and add the title tag:

<MTCalendarIfEntries> <MTEntries lastn="1"> <a title="<$MTEntryTitle$>"href=" <$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTCalendarDay$></a>

Posted by: Warren on February 27, 2003 06:10 PM


I have a calendar on my front page already; thankyouverymuch?

Posted by: andersja on February 27, 2003 07:18 PM

It took a bit of work to get the daily crawl script working on my site, but I managed it.

I like having something that's contained on my own server. The one alteration I would like to do but haven't gotten around to is to get the list of changed weblogs from blo.gs rather than weblogs.com -- some folks refuse to ping weblogs.com on principle! and blo.gs info contains the changes.xml info from weblogs.com.

I would have done blogrolling.com but they weren't accepting new accounts when I was messing with this last summer.

Posted by: Anita Rowland on February 27, 2003 07:21 PM

Yes you do have calendar. And such a pretty one at that. The problem with yours and most other calendars is that they provide links to daily posts without any indication of what I might find.

If you add the code that I provided, guest can see the topic's post by hovering their cursor over the date.

Drop my page for a demo before you make changes.

Posted by: Warren on April 13, 2003 10:49 PM

Thanks, Warren; I see what you mean now -- nice :-)

Posted by: Anders on April 16, 2003 10:39 PM
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