March 15, 2003
Anonymity vs blogging vs ''Knowing'' a blogger

One of the comments on recent posting "Why I blog" was this one:

When you write a blog and people can comment, you don't know who writes, but we who write know you. Anders, I know who you are and have know you for some years, but you don't know who I am from these words. How do you feel about that?
How do I feel? ... honestly?
  1. I think your leaving anonymous comments, although technically possible, in general is cowardly. In this context I can appreciate that you are (attempting) to illustrate a point; however no matter how anonymous you think you were when you wrote this, I know with reasonable certainty who you are too(!) (seeing that you left the comment from your employer's computer).
  2. If someone rightly claims to know me, they know me because of time we have spent together (in eachother's physical prescence or through talking together by phone or online), not because of what I've written in my blog. If someone, even after reading every blog entry in the archives, would call/meet me and think they know me, I'm sorry: You don't. You know what I like to rant about in writing; you know what I have chosen to reveal. You don't know whether or not I have a girlfriend, you don't know what I currently work with, and for which client, you don't know where I'm writing this from, nor do you know where I live... you get the picture: you don't know me.
Blogging has brought me in touch with a lot of interesting people - through emails; comments in each others blogs and a real, personal meetup. It has also helped my language skills, learnt me a lot about stuff I didn't even know interested me and so on... Not posting a lot recently due to work, it seems as if my blog entries have taken on conversational lives of their own (check out a funny one here, for example). Interesting to see dialogue arise in the archives... Still, the morale is: blog what you wouldn't be embarrassed to let your {mum/boss/friend/partner} read. I don't.

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