March 20, 2003
Testing the new Nokia 6800

I was testing a friend's new Nokia 6800 in the weekend. It's actually a pretty cool concept; a reasonably small phone that can be flipped open to reveal a full keyboard a la the SMS-phone 5510. Still, the phone felt a bit "plasticky" and rough opening and closing of the flap FELT like it could be a problem. Hey; what do I know - it might be durable as hell...

The 6800 has a full colour screen that turns 90 when the keyboard is flipped open. We like. The menu system of the phone is similar to all the other Nokias we know so well, but all the icons are colourful and animated. Overall it looks as userfriendly as we have grown accustomed to with Nokia; the phone number lookup was a bit different than what I've had on my previous phones, but not so different that a few minutes of getting used to it wouldn't cure it.

Overall a phone for the young, hip SMS power-users, methinks. Business users have their 6310i's and the 8xxx series.

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I just bought Alcatel OT715 mobile phone 15 days before and has created some WML pages. Now I can visit my blog using mobile phone via WAP.

Now it has been part of my life to click one key on my mobile and check whether there is new comment on the page or the hit count of the site. It is very intersting.

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Posted by: Jian Shuo Wang on March 20, 2003 05:02 PM
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