April 03, 2003
"Paying" ""shareholders"" back

There are people starting to do favours to their major ""shareholders"". I guess it's only fair to let some of the goodness of GoogleJuice and fake blogshares-"money" drip back on the people who believe in you. Blogshares is creating a whole new "blog economy". Funny, in a way, no...?

Here goes (watch out for increased blog values y'all): Thanks for "investing", Sam, Heiko, Martin, Martin and Jeff...

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Hey, I bought some shares in you too, Anders - can I have a link back? I'm a bit ambivalent about the whole blogshare thing. On the one hand it's way cool and a great idea. On the other hand we're already kind of hung up on links, aren't we... And my site's hardly worth a penny which is so hard to handle ;)

Posted by: Jill on April 4, 2003 08:10 AM

Thanks for the link-back. :) I too have mixed feelings on blogshares.. Its a fun simulation, but on the other hand, I think too much vying goes on about 'a-listers' and people bragging about daypop ratings and so on. When people become popular because they naturally write good relevant stuff, thats fine, but when people write things specifically to tempt links from popular blogs, things start to get out of hand. I see lots of blogs with a pile of blogroll links to all the main 'a-listers' (you know who i'm talking about), but I wonder if those people actually read every one of those blogs regularly, or if they are just subtly requesting a back-link. I make a point to only put blogs in my blogroll that I actually read regularly. If they happen to be 'a-listers' then so be it, and if they aren't thats fine too.

Things like this, while fun, seem to have a slight air of competition that I don't think is necessarily healthy (groupthink?).

Anyway, i've decided to embrace the fun part of it for now, and decide whether or not i think the groupthink part is a problem later.

But, I like your blog, and I enjoy reading it, and the price was right, so I dove in. :)


Posted by: sam on April 4, 2003 08:39 AM

Thanks, Sam! I agree with you re: people listing "a-listers" by default. Much more fun if people went out and found their own favourites! Everyone is talking about blogging being a democratic way of publishing; still there are a precious few defining the agenda...

(oh; I do read your blog from time to time too btw - always after your consistent posting of quality comments! :-)

Posted by: Anders on April 4, 2003 04:29 PM
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