April 10, 2003
Concorde retires

The Independent writes:

British Airways and Air France chiefs today signalled the end of the supersonic era in aviation by announcing that they were retiring their Concorde planes this autumn.
BA blamed falling passenger levels and rising maintenance costs for the decision to scrap flights.
Flying the Concorde has been something I've dreamt about for quite a while, and now I suspect it will be forever out of reach: I certainly have more than enough frequent flier miles and points accumulated in various programmes (e.g. SPG and AMEX Membership Rewards) to pay for the tickets many times over, but seeing that they are ceasing flights pretty soonish, I fear I'm too late to realize this dream :-(

Update: BBC has a story about the economic history of Concorde

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Since you say you have enough points on your rewards schemes to pay for the Concorde tickets, why don't you make a quick dash trip to Europe and back on Concorde. I dont think Air France ceases Concorde flights till the end of May, and BA continues till October if I am not mistaken


Posted by: Ajeet K on April 11, 2003 08:49 PM
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