April 10, 2003
The most unforgivable Sin?

I know I'm not the only one to experience random server outages, and I know worse things happen: STILL:

Last night some operator in our server maintenance centre switched my mailfile (and those of two dozen other colleagues) with a month-old backup. When I logged on this morning, 1300 emails were mysteriously gone. I just got an email promising a restore from a day-old backup some time during the day, but this still means that all my emails from yesterday are gone foerever.

Seeing how dependent both my professional and personal life is on email, this is maybe the ultimate techno-nightmare? Some time after I left the office last night and this morning; who knows what might have arrived in my mailbox? Probably nothing, but the nagging uncertainty is going to stay for a while: who knows if some long lost friend decided to try emailing just last night? ... or what if some other important communications were lost?

I have no idea, nor will I ever have, so I should probably just shut up right away. I've emailed various professional contact from my current project about the incident. That should cover most of the potential lost email. If anyone by any remote chance tried to email me on my work-address and happen to read this: please call me or drop another email.

Thanks for listening...

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Never trust anyone other than yourself with your important data. I know how that goes...

BTW: You should LART that "sysadmin" *pfy* that managed to COPY back a week old backup. How do you manage such a huge fsckup?

Posted by: Jarle on April 11, 2003 07:14 AM
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