April 25, 2003
Geographical Metadata for websites

Weblogs from high and low have been adding their "GeoURL" tags. There are even more, interesting options for associating internet resources with a geographical location available online. Here are some, suggested by Syndic8, the RSS feed catalog:

GeoTags is a geographical search engine using the same tags as GeoURL. They have a nifty GeoTag generator as well as a definition of the tag format. Make sure to add your resource here, and search for a blog name to see them pop up on the map. A similar mapping service by weblogger Mikel Maron uses pings from weblogs.com to update this map (found via AJ). My new Geo Tags are:

<META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="51.5177;-0.1017" />
<META NAME="geo.placename" CONTENT="London" />
<META NAME="geo.country" CONTENT="GB" />

Furthermore, the Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names offers a comprehensive database of cities and other geographical entities. (Here, for example, is the entry for London). The information from the Getty can be encoded in the following tags, picked up by (at least) Syndic8...:

<META NAME="tgn.id" CONTENT="7011781" />
<META NAME="tgn.name" CONTENT="London" />
<META NAME="tgn.nation" CONTENT="United Kingdom" />
Finally; GeoFun: check my blog-neighbours in the real world:

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Cool.. I just had an ICBM metatag for location.. seemed to work well for GeoURL. I updated my blog with all the other goodies you mentioned. Lots of fun!

Posted by: eliot on April 26, 2003 12:14 AM

Ooh.. did you see http://www.brainoff.com/geoblog/ yet?

Posted by: eliot on April 26, 2003 07:12 AM

While Google with its US-ZIP only local.google.com is worth 23GUSD, the serious WGS84 based attempts seem to be dying ?

Posted by: Jan Egil Kristiansen, Hoyvík on August 19, 2004 12:15 PM
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