April 28, 2003
Experiences so far with my CMT-CP505MD

Amazon.co.uk impresses again: I ordered my new stereo last Tuesday. The website announced that the product normally shipped within 24 hours, and I selected the "Free Super saver" delivery (which takes 3-5 days). With all lucky co-incidences combines that would have meant that I would have had the stereo within 4 days. Unfortunately it took them some extra days before the item was ready to ship, and when I emailed them Friday afternoon asking when it would be sent and when I could expect it (mentioning that I had originally hoped to have it by the weekend), it shipped almost immediately, followed by me receiving an email saying they had shipped it express. The next morning I was the happy owner of a new stereo :-)

First experiences with the CMT-CP505MD:

  • Sound quality is impressing from so small speakers. Even at low volumes, bass and treble tones are clear and well-rendered
  • It has a very good CD-to-MD synch function (can copy at both normal and quadruple speed, and picks up CD TEXT information from CDs that has this)
  • I haven't had a stationary RDS radio before, but this was one of the things I was looking for when I was browsing for a new stereo this time. It's very practical to immetiately identify what you're listening to!
  • The MD group function is behaving a bit differently from the one on my MZ-N1 NetMD: while my portable player will play the whole MD though unless otherwise instructed, the stereo will only acknowledge the existence of a group at a time unless the "Group" function is off (screwing up the MD Name display)
  • Having a stationary as well as a mobile MiniDisc player is going to increase my MD use several fold; I can feel it. To rip/upload Mp3s to the NetMD is actually a bit of a pain in the butt in the long term, and with my new quad-speed copy, I suspect I will make a lot more MDs and enjoy more of my music while on the road!

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