April 28, 2003
Star Trek Ethics

Via Pierre Omidyar I found this article (permalink) on Star Trek ethics. Pierre adds:

Star Trek shows us that it is possible to envision a world where people work together for peace, progress, and exploration. And the reason so many people find that vision attractive is that it is in fact already a part of our humanity. If it were so different or alien, would we even understand it?
I agree; one of the reasons why I much prefer the Star Trek "universe" to e.g. Star Wars is that Star Trek somehow captures a future I want to be part of; a future that feels more "realistic" than many or most Sci-Fi series (Babylon 5 etc included)

I can't wait to go and see Star Trek The Adventure in London's Hyde Park! :-)

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Of course, Star Wars doesn't have cool bands like Warp 11!


Posted by: Karl Miller Fan on April 28, 2003 06:02 PM

Star Trek sucks hard.

Posted by: Awesome on November 1, 2003 02:31 AM

Star Trek sucks more cock than a porn star

Posted by: yoman69 on February 5, 2006 11:00 PM
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