April 30, 2003
Sun gives StarOffice 6.0 to 2 100 000 Swedish pupils

Couldn't find anything about this on the list of US press releases, but Sun Microsystems Sweden announces that 2.1 million students and the employees of 6 200 schools will have unlimited access to Star Office 6.0, freeing up 650 000 000 SEK (that's US$ 73.3 million !!) of the government's budget to be spent on other things than Microsoft-software... (via digi.no)

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Great marketing. Make them use it in school and when they start working or buy their own computer, star office is what they will demand. :)

Then it's not free, hehe

Posted by: skaihigh on April 30, 2003 05:33 PM

Even if there will be a price tag when they're out of school, it's significantly lower than the ones from Microsoft:


list price for Star Office 6.0 is $75.95 for home- and small office users...

Posted by: Anders on April 30, 2003 05:50 PM

It’s interesting that Sun launched this initiative in Sweden. Sun may finally be getting their marketing war against Microsoft on track. We, businesses and individuals, can only benefit if Sun wins a few rounds—viva competition!

Posted by: Russ Campbell on April 30, 2003 05:56 PM
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