May 01, 2003
Welcome to Collinwood

Poster image from went to see Welcome to Collinwood the other night. It's a fun film about a couple of worthless criminals attempting to get their "Bellini" (heist of a lifetime) with information from a guy trying to get a "Mullinski" (fall guy who will serve your jail sentence for you), but in the end it all turns into a bit of a "Kaputchnik" (clumsy crime)...image from

BTW: Is it just me, or does the guy to the left have the hairdo of the century? ;-) (images borrowed from

Anyway; the amateur ethymologist within got excited by all those new words, and I decided to go digging, but Googling around, I'm drawing a blank so far. I'm assuming/guessing that "Bellini" and "Mullinski" are real names from criminal history, but Google isn't giving me much help... Does anyone out there know more? :-)

(I'm guessing that "Keputchnik"/""Kaputchnik" is relating to the German word kaputt?)

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