May 09, 2003
Massive Attack vs Sony MiniDisc

My Sony stereo comes with a limited copy protection. I admit to not quite having researched this properly before buying. The limitation is basically on not making second-generation digital copies: among other things, it forbids me to copy CD-Rs to MiniDisc. It does, however, allow original CD media to MiniDisc copying. ... or so I thought.

Massive Attack's new album 100th Window is copy protected with some weird mechanism rendering it useless on many players and, I disappointingly found out, it renders it uncopy-able on my Sony, despite playing fine if I try to play it, and despite my attempt being a "first generation", legal copy. Go figure.

I'm not sure whether to complain to Sony for having a defective mechanism for detecting copies, or to complain to Massive Attack. One thing is for sure: I'll listen less to their music, I'll probably not buy any new albums they might release in the future, and seeing that I can't enjoy their music when and where I want, I probably won't get so attached to it that I would show up on any of their concerts, if they were to have any in Norway/London, UK/France or nearby where I would be at the time.

I am a large consumer of CDs, DVDs and related products. I spend good money on music. Who loses on this copy protection rubbish? Everybody! I want to take my music on the road (or in my case, in the air). If more CDs will implement this mechanism in the future, I will simply not buy them; how is that for a business plan?

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This is just an suggestion. There is one way to avoid the problem, if you can get an audio out from your system you should be ble to get a copy of your cd's over to md. I reccon you have to have a portable md for this since your soundsystem is integrated.

Posted by: belze on May 22, 2003 10:44 PM
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