May 12, 2003
VISA Fraud Detection Failure

VISA cardThe other day, I got to feel a new problem with being a very frequent traveller that I had never thought about before:

Since I have an odd tendency to suddenly show up in occationally "random" places and taking cash at an ATM using my VISA there (without necessarily having paid my travel using the same card), it seems VISA's fraud detection mechanism didn't raise a red flag when some scamster recently took out a significant amount of money using a counterfeited copy of my card.

I have no idea where they got the data from; I suspect I must have paid with my VISA in some restaurant or in a shop and have let the card get out of my view, allowing an employee to make a copy of the magnetic strip of my card:

Skimming takes place when a dishonest cashier secretly copies the magnetic stripe on a customer’s credit card by swiping it through a small card reader. These details are then used to make counterfeit cards, which are often sold on. A huge shopping spree follows and the genuine cardholder’s account is charged. As the original card has not been stolen, it can take some time before this type of fraud is detected. Most credit card companies now use software to identify “unusual spending patterns” and automatically cancel cards. (from MSN Money UK: Credit card skimming)

According to the credit card companies, they apply various technologies, including Artificial Intelligence to detect transactions that doesn't fit with an individual's spending pattern, and this is where my problem comes in: as a frequent traveller, my spending pattern COULD theoretically have seen me take a large amount of cash despite having taken out money in a different country the day before and the day after. Very unlikely, and of course in this case I wasn't there, but VISA unfortunately didn't automatically stop the transaction... I wish they had given me a call just to be sure...

Now, of course, I am facing having to make a police declaration, but luckily the bank has promised me to refund the money taken. The following question is still open (and the bank is still out on this one): should I make the police declaration I'm in now (UK), the country where my account is based (France), the country I was in when the scam occurred (Norway) or in the country where the money actually was taken (a south east European country)?

Morale: do not let your credit card get out of sight when paying at restaurants, and do check your bank statements closely!

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Another reason why I love online banking.. I can check my statements every few days.

Also, the police report problem leads me to believe that you Europeans should just get over yourselves and become one big country. Then you wouldn't have to worry about where to file the report. ;)

Seriously though, I'd say you should file a report in the country where the crime occured, and perhaps also where your card's billing address is.. But honestly, thats just my intuition, its not based on anything resembling fact. :)

You might also just ask VISA about it. I'm sure it happens enough, and they probably know the answer of which police agencies to contact about it.

Good luck, credit cards are handy, but they can also be a huge pain.. Maybe you should stop all your traveling and just be really predictable. Buy 30$ worth of groceries on each Tuesday, then a 24 pack of cheap beer on each Thursday. Petrol on Wednesday, and three games of bowling every other Friday. Maintain that consistent pattern, and never do anything else. That way if there is any fraud, they'll be able to tell immediately.

Posted by: sam on May 12, 2003 03:27 PM

This is the classic example of why using credit cards online is safer than using it in many places such as a restaurant, where the card is often out of your sight as the waitron processes the card in the back room. That sort of theft is just so much easier to pull off, and can be done by one bad employee. Hope you're able to get it all undone...

Posted by: john on May 13, 2003 03:57 AM

Oh, I have one tiny comment, that I feel bad making because it sounds nit-picky and makes me sound like a snob. However, I do remember you saying a while back that part of the reason you blog is to improve your English.

Anyway, the word 'morale' means (from Webster's Dict) "The moral condition, or the condition in other respects, so far as it is affected by, or dependent upon, moral considerations, such as zeal, spirit, hope, and confidence; mental state, as of a body of men, an army, and the like."

Morale is a level of confidence that a group has. An army that is excited, confident, and ready for battle would be said to have 'high morale'. In contrast, a company where all the employees are worried about the future, and not confident about the performance of the company, would be said to have 'low morale'.

I think the word you are looking for is 'moral', the relevant definition being, "Serving to teach or convey a moral; as, a moral lesson; moral tales."

Maybe you already know that and it was just a typo, but I thought I'd point it out in case it was a wierdness of English you hadn't gotten to yet. :)

Posted by: sam on May 13, 2003 07:23 AM

Thanks for the clarification, Sam. I appreciate it! You correctly spotted a nuance of the English language that I had missed :-)

Posted by: Anders on May 13, 2003 11:49 AM

I have been trying to locate information on visa fraud (imagration visa) and your site came up. Does anyone have any idea's on who to contact to report fraud? This girl I know is trying to con my best friend into marying her for a green card and she is planning on taking EVERYTHING he that's not right. So I found out that she is working illegaly...any ideas?? Send me an e-mail! Thanks!!

Posted by: Sarah on September 23, 2005 12:21 AM

I have been trying to locate information on visa fraud (imagration visa) and your site came up. Does anyone have any idea's on who to contact to report fraud? This girl I know is trying to con my best friend into marying her for a green card and she is planning on taking EVERYTHING he that's not right. So I found out that she is working illegaly...any ideas?? Send me an e-mail! Thanks!!

Posted by: Sarah on September 23, 2005 12:23 AM

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